Dartmouth to St Mawes

Having met with Bert, Theresa and Kokopelli, the plan was to cross the Channel as soon as possible, but 26 June dawned with low cloud, drizzle and poor visibility. After a short confabulation, we decided that the best course would be to sail further west towards Lands’ End when the crossing would be shorter and the weather the following day hopefully improved. We left Dartmouth in convoy with Kokopelli and managed a bit of motor sailing but, again, we were travelling straight into wind so the sails came down and we motored the rest of the 67 mile trip, keeping a sharp lookout for the numerous lobster pots, (or oyster nets as Jac calls them). A series of fronts were passing through so we oscillated between soaking wet and bright sunshine to arrive at St Mawes and a lovely evening. Jac brought us beautifully to a mooring buoy and we finished the day with a chilli and rice meal to be joined later by Bert and Theresa in their tender to discuss the channel crossing plan the following day.

Author: chrisgowers

Retired pilot now sailing around the Mediterranean accompanied by my wife Jacquie.

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