Channel Crossing

St Mawes to L’Aberwrach.

With Jac at the helm we slipped the mooring buoy at 05.35 in the morning and headed south across the English Channel. The helmsman was initially stroppy but a bacon sandwich restored her good humour and we settled down to the long day ahead. The light wind was in a favourable direction for once, but the engine was still in use most of the time. We noted our position in the log every hour but, other than that, there was little to do except dodge the succession of big ships passing up and down the Channel. This is a bit like trying to hopscotch across the M25 but we were lucky. We only had to alter course once to avoid a tanker and threaded our way through an opening between nine big ships heading east without any delays. The French coast came into sight at 19.00 and we finally moored up in L’Aberwrach, and rafted onto Kokopelli a 21.50.

Kokopelli mid-channel
DSC_0064 - Copy
Kokopelli mid-channel

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Author: chrisgowers

Retired pilot now sailing around the Mediterranean accompanied by my wife Jacquie.

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