L’Aberwrach to Camaret-Sur-Mer via the fearsome Chanel-du Four

The next leg of the journey was through the fearsome Chanel du Four, a stretch of water between the Ilse de Ouessant and the French mainland. This had to be taken at a particular state of tide so, after refuelling, we left L’Aberwrach in fine weather to make the short leg to the start of the Chanel. A call on the radio from Theresa revealed that we had made a mistake with the change in the clocks from the UK and we were going to enter the Chanel an hour early. In the event it didn’t present a problem and, apart from a sizeable swell at the northern end there wasn’t an issue. Exiting the Chanel we crossed the Goulet de Brest to moor up in the inner harbour at Camaret-Sur-Mer. Camaret is an old fishing port, now almost completely devoted to pleasure craft with the rotting hulks 0f old fishing boats sitting on the breakwater. We tried out a seafood restaurant on the waterfront and dined on plates of moules with frites.

Author: chrisgowers

Retired pilot now sailing around the Mediterranean accompanied by my wife Jacquie.

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