Port Haliguen to L’Harbaudiere

The day dawned bright and sunny again and we said goodbye to Bill and Jackie, filled up with diesel and set off across Quiberon Bay for L’Harbaudiere, another former fishing port turned marina. Initially the wind was only force 2 to 3, but picked up later in the trip as we crossed the entrance to the River Loire. Unfortunately the wind was on our bow all the time but, for once, the tide was in our favour, so we were able to make good progress, albeit burning diesel again. Bill’s warning about the fishing boats proved invaluable as we encountered a pair parallel fishing south of the Loire estuary. Not a good idea to get between them. On the way we also passed through a large ship anchorage with around 15 commercial vessels anchored awaiting their turn to be piloted up the River Loire. It makes one feel very small when you pass these steel monsters, but none were moving. We had some concerns as we approached L’Harbaudiere about the depth of water I the harbour entrance. The sums said we should have enough, but we stuck to the centre of the channel like glue. The depth sounder touched 0.2 metres or about 6 inches under the keel (I didn’t tell Jac at the time). A larger German-flagged boat that came in just before us drew 2.2 metres as opposed to our 2 metres so they must have been touching the bottom.

10 Jul 15

L’Harbaudiere turned out to be a nice little town, so we decided to stay another day, besides we were both tired out; it really is quite surprising how sitting on a boat all day wears you out! Cries of “Sympathy” do I hear? Spent our “day off” shopping, catching up on the blog and generally lazing around.

Author: chrisgowers

Retired pilot now sailing around the Mediterranean accompanied by my wife Jacquie.

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