Cala Trebeujer to Mahon

10th July 2016

At 1000 we raised  the anchor which came up easily and made our way along the coast on the 20 mile run to Mahon. The wind was so light as to be useless for sailing, so we motored all the way until we entered Mahon harbour. We had intended to anchor behind the Isla de Lazereto in Cala Taulera, but the electric windlass for the anchor decided to break down at that point, so we motored further up the harbour to Marina Mahon to find a berth.

Claire and Sarah


The arrival in the Marina Mahon berth was one of the most tragic that I have yet accomplished. Foolishly, I decided to leave the tender hanging on the back of the boat as we reversed into out slot and this proved to be more of an obstacle that I had anticipated. Before we could hook the lazy line and secure the bow, the side wind caught Synergy and we were blown considerably sideways and I was too slow too catch it. Another embarrassing lesson learned.

A quick call to Pete Smith at the East Anglian Sea School identified the electric windlass circuit breaker switch, which I had never noticed before.. With the circuit breaker reset reset the windlass was working perfectly again and we could have anchored after all. An expensive experience as berthing in Balearic Island marinas requires taking out a mortgage.

Mahon Harbour

Author: chrisgowers

Retired pilot now sailing around the Mediterranean accompanied by my wife Jacquie.

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